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I have often dreamed of having more time……

For much of my life I was characterized as burning-the-candle-at-both-ends. With limited hours in each day, and so much to be experienced, explored and learned, slowing down hardly seemed an option.  As a teen, this strategy for living had me globe trekking on every school break, heading for Hollywood dance clubs after hours of cramming at the library, and eating most meals while in transit from one activity to the next.

Being a dancer, a life of constant motion feels natural, even essential…but eventually one realizes that while in perpetual motion, life’s nuances can be overlooked.

Slowing down a seasoned multi-tasker is no easy challenge. Thankfully, as a Santa Monica native I discovered at an early age a place where time stands still…the beach.  This is where I learned to meditate….long before I even understood what meditation was.  A place where I could disconnect from the frenetic city life and connect with what is truly real……a place where I found my solace and my inspiration.  So as a young adult, determined to reconfigure her life, I packed my bags and headed to the tropical beaches of Maui.

I can’t really say that life on Maui has slowed me down, but it has taught me to savor the moments…to appreciate the subtle yet profound seasonal changes, embrace cultural praxis and delve more mindfully into my artistic practice. 

Dance is my passion.  It is fluid, every changing and powerful….much like the ocean.  It is an intrinsic part of my being.  This passion translates into my work as a jewelry artist through a more passive exploration of design and form. 

My jewelry designs reflect my life as a trained dancer. With a focus on line, shape and texture, ideas evolve and unfold throughout the creative process. My inclination toward exploration and experimentation keeps my approach fresh.  With subtle color and bold design, each piece makes a statement and suits a mood.